Bazik Jewelry Collection 2018, upcycled glossy acrylic plastic details, combined with different gold plated metals. 




 ”Bazik” is a celebration of Acrylic Plastics through expressing basic forms and colors. It’s an exploration of the essence and the balance of individuality vs. universality.The residue material we worked with in this collection, known as acrylic contains high qualities such as: toughness, high transparency, a natural glow and an excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering.

 When we started to create and craft the “Bazik” Collection our main concern was how do we appreciate the material as it is by overcoming the cliche of its perception. Mainly for the properties aforementioned, this particular type of plastic has made a position in the industry and this fact has already given shape to our imagination when we think or relate to the material itself. You might envision that there is not much you can do with overused, unconventional materials and when we say overused, we mean it in a detrimental way. 

Since the 50's up to date, the amount of(only) plastic waste has reached over 6.3 billion metric tons - that if collected in one place would be greater than Mount Everest. Mostly acrylic plastics associate with marketing promotional materials and we’ve seen it make up publicity signs for shop fronts or other big signs. We see it everyday in each and every corner. We also know it better from its commercial name Plexiglas. 

“The devil is in the details”. Accentuating the beauty of the material by sleek handcraft techniques and adding further value through carefully designing the details of meeting points with other functional parts is what makes this collection personal but also out of the ordinary.