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Again a good question mates: Why not eradicate waste by sending it in the Galaxy?

On the surface of thought, everything is possible, taking into account that we throw trash on the Earth's surface, nothing can stop us to throw it in space!!

#Do you know?

In the Earth's atmosphere, there are tons of junk left over from various rocket launches and satellites that once used to function.


  • To dispose of waste in space we need:

1 glass of water, 2 tablespoons of oil, 2 cups of sugar… #hahaha nono...

Seriously: we need rockets like the ones #SpaceX has or the ones #NASA has!

  • Costs? We are talking about millions and billions of $$$ to send an amount as big as a school bus! And we know that the size of a school bus doesn’t cover the amount of total garbage produced on Earth… or if we calculate:

        A bus weighs approximately 17 tons, while our garbage

        annually weighs 2 billion tons.

        2 000 000 000 ÷ 17 = 117 647 058.824

#Whaaaat does this meannnn?

This means that more than 117 million rockets filled with waste should be launched annually #buhahaha


Let’s stop our journey here – the costs already suggest that it's not doable!

but ...  there’s always someone insisting to continue!

#Okay, let's assume that we can build a rocket so big as to cover 2 billion tons of garbage with one launch and, by the way, let's assume that we are building that rocket for free #hehe

Why this is not still an option:

  • Since the energy required to remove debris from Earth's gravitational pull (Hello Newton ❤) is very high, it is unlikely to remove debris from Earth's orbit - so finally the rocket that we launched would eventually fall down to Earth again, but this time: at a very high speed causing big trouble down here…
  • Again, assuming that we could get away from the gravitational pull and launch them into the void of the universe - what happens to us when we decide we want to travel in that direction in the future? The noisy junk filled universe is as bad as the polluted earth in the long run. Only much more dangerous. Imagine a rocket crossing paths with the debris that we dumped earlier into space, both at 40,000 kilometres per hour. The impact would be legendary! #KABOOOOM… at such speed, even a drop of colour has the effect of a bullet…

See also #KesslerEffect

  • Another possible effect would be the gradual decrease of the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface, due to the wide structure of the Dyson Sphere that would have formed around our planet because of the trash we launched...:((((( see #DysonSphere

You know what?! A positive side effect is emerging out of this reasoning:

If we had taken this idea seriously (sending our waste to space) we wouldn’t have enough resources to generate waste #hahahahaha ... because all our efforts would be spent on this massive project of sending waste into space...

#wow This project would have been the greatest collective effort of the human race in history, perhaps even in the history of the universe 👍

However, even though this is not our ideal solution, we are not giving up! Next?

Drop here!