animation by Kaltrina Berisha

~ 7.6 billion people in the world are creating ~ 2 billion tons of waste per year and this accumulation differs from country to country. These differences are highly influenced by parameters such as the size of the population and the economic activities of each country.
Today, under the recycling activity, much of this waste ends up in third world countries, devastating even more marginalized communities. Recent research on the case of plastic waste shows that only 9% of them have ever been recycled (from the 1950s - present day). These accumulations are created by the modern “use-dispose” culture and all the direct or indirect activities that promote this type of attitude.
Finally, packaging waste is the responsibility of the manufacturer, so we must push forward causes that encourage ethical and eco-friendly approaches. Although the final consequence remaining with us as consumers, we must definitely commit the responsibility on the personal level to #reduce the amount of daily consumption, and increase the activity of reuse!
Consume less, especially packaged products, and #reuse them all the way!

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