animation by Kaltrina Berisha

We landed on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, with our third attempt to get rid of waste.

Scientists are saying that the Bermuda Triangle could be an option ... they say that things disappear in mysterious circumstances over there!

So lets start our journey to Bermuda #Yayyy!

  • There’s so many waste in the surface of the ocean…

Of course, there are around 5.25 trillion pieces of #plasticwaste in the ocean! What we’re seeing right now is part of an astonishing number of 269,000 tons of #plastics floating on the surface of the ocean!

Meanwhile, four billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer are in the deep sea, and 80% of them end up there from land!

  • I’m was #terrified

Well, we are tired of asking good questions, with no action, but here’s another good question:

Why not get rid of the garbage in the Bermuda Triangle?

The urban legends say that things there disappear without a trace. And that’s our mission actually, to get rid of waste.

One of the famous crashes involved the pilots of a #USNavy bomber squad that disappeared flying over the area; and their planes were never found. Ships and other aircraft apparently disappeared even in good weather, without transmitting any distress messages. #uuuuuu

However, the Bermuda story comes to life from a best seller book written by Berlitz in 1974. Since then, many paranormal writers have blamed this triangular phenomenon on #extraterrestrials, #seamonsters, time deformations or gravitational fields, while scientists have highlighted magnetic anomalies, water leaks or large methane explosions at the bottom of the ocean.

Although countless fantasy theories have been proposed about the Bermuda Triangle, none of them prove that mysterious disappearances occur there more often than in other parts of the ocean. In fact, most people navigate the area every day without incident. In fact, this area is one of the most frequented by boat or plane. #hmmm

So we'd better see for ourselves what happens in Bermuda with our rubbish… #hehe

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