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Pulled together by the mysteries of the universe in the vacuum of space, Dark Matter was captured from the finest parts of the wonder material.

The impossible possibility attained in the Dark Matter is head-tripping. The belt resonates with its true manifesting nature: what seems to be a cracked surface is actually a solid one.  

Limited amount 2/2


DYVÓ galaxy inspired SMALL belts are the pop to the waist. They are characterized with an authentic buckle design, unique permeated patterns and depths of material. The glossy buckle surface is complemented by the DYVÓ totem strap.

Buckle [acrylic] 

Strap [nylon]

Labels [vinyl fabric]

80% upcycled

Packaging [biodegradable]


Made ethically and hand crafted carefully with zero waste.


Weight: ~77 gr

Length: ~1.47m

care Instructions

Use a soft dry cloth to clean the buckle and a damp cloth to clean the strap carefully. Do not machine wash.