“Upcycling” is the process of transforming residue materials or other existing products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. Upcycling is also widely known as “Creative Reuse” of actual materials or products. Our planet today is running low on natural resources so it’s a huge help on the environment when we can revalue and create new items using existing ones. When we Upcycle existing resources it means that we don’t have to use new raw materials in our production processes. This approach brings huge environmental benefits, aside from minimizing the volume of discarded materials sent to landfills each year, it gives us the possibility to save natural and financial resources, energy and reduce CO2 emission in the nature.

We are using materials that are hard to disintegrate in the nature or ones that are even impossible to recycle. Depending on the way in which certain materials are used for crafting there are great amounts of remaining residue causing immediate pollution in the nature. The challenge at this point is: how to revalue these residues in order to make them best parts of our everyday life while preventing pollution and protecting Nature? In order to feature the idea of “cradle to cradle” or the eradication of the idea of waste, Upcycling design approach able us to exceed the challenge while we design and explore new ways of expression.

We mainly collect material residues from different local plastic workshops that bear awareness about the shared responsibilities and Nature protection, instead of discarding leftovers where they will cause pollution.

Acrylic plastic can be a great alternative to glass, however unlike glass it is shatter-proof, flexible, and strong. It classifies as #7 in the category of plastic classification by SPI(Society of Plastics Industry). This type of plastic is one of the widely used materials today, it takes ages for it to disintegrate and sometimes it is even impossible to recycle. Depending on the way in which acrylic plastic products are crafted there are great amounts of remaining residue which is causing serious environmental pollution.

As any other normal plastic categories surrounding us in our everyday life(cutlery, bottles etc) the same applies to acrylic plastic. However if thrown away in improper places it will cause environmental pollution which therefor will be bad for our health.

Our products are carefully handcrafted to highlight the best attributes of the materials we work with. We have mixed processes for crafting our products, they combine vintage manual machines and sleek handcraft skills.

Yes. We have different seasonal collection ideas and we are relentlessly working on it. Our products in order to be defined demand to work with what we have. It is an interesting challenge that we face: always finding different pieces, shapes, dimensions and colors of plexi for our designs.

We have started up with our jewelry, however stay tuned because soon we are introducing other interesting products too.

Not yet! We have a cozy workshop at the City Park in Prishtina. Mainly our shop is based online followed with surprise Party – Pop Up shops that we will make on tour anywhere around. Keep following us, and we will let you know in advance where we’ll be.