The Marathon is a call to action for the creative and socially conscious youth. Through a series of workshops and activities, we're inspiring a new generation to take on creatively the challenge of waste & plastic pollution by developing innovative prototypes that promote circular design & economy. By empowering young professionals and students, we're fostering multidisciplinary collaboration and equipping them with the mental and practical skills they need to make a difference.

The Design Marathon is DYVÓ's flagship workshop and the centerpiece of its Creative Activism programme.



  1. Surviving off of garbage / DESIGN MARATHON 02

    The project "Surviving off of Garbage" was developed by Violeta Sejdiu and Lira Gjikolli during the Design Marathon 02 workshop held in September 2...
  2. Creative Poles / DESIGN MARATHON 02

    Vesa Stavileci and Albina Krasniqi developed the "Creative Poles" project during the Design Marathon 02 workshop in Prishtina in September 2022. T...
  3. Re-Creative/ DESIGN MARATHON 02

    During the Design Marathon 02 workshop held in Prishtina in September 2022, Arnisa Muja and Art Morina developed "Re-Creative", a project that aims...


  1. DESIGN MARATHON 01 - Problem solving with Ilir Murseli

    Watch the lecture by Ilir Murseli on the problem of design, its meanings and methodologies.
  2. DESIGN MARATHON 01 - Killing the Design with Ajhan Bajmaku

    Watch the lecture of Ajhan Bajmaku examining Design methods, concepts, scenarios and transformations.

  3. DESIGN MARATHON 01 - Circular Economy with Annea Hapçiu

    Watch the lecture by Annea Hapçiu on product design in the context of Circular Economy.

    While landscapes of our cities are being made up of gray skies with saturated gases and dust, the degraded images of nature seem to be hidden away...