While landscapes of our cities are being made up of gray skies with saturated gases and dust, the degraded images of nature seem to be hidden away by asphalt trim in urban centers. At the global level, we have started to become aware of the many consequences of our action cycles, so we have begun to imagine new and more sustainable perspectives of living.

Design Marathon 01 - TRASH or TREASURE? - organized by Dyvolab, supported by Pristina Municipality, Termokiss, and Innovation Center Kosovo.

In 1869 one of the first synthetic polymer (plastic) was invented by John Wesley Hyatt, who was inspired by the cause to provide a new alternative to natural ivory replacement. This discovery was revolutionary and for the first time human production was not crossed by the boundaries of nature, on the contrary, perhaps Plastic could protect nature from the destructive forces of human needs?

In reality, however, since the Industrial Revolution on wards, societies have sprung up, emphasizing practical and rapid life before any other reason, thereby influencing the shaping of human interaction.

Traditionally Design (from Art to Architecture) has not considered the life cycle of products from birth to what happens to them when they are no longer in use. The products we consume today are not designed to last long, but to meet the immediate needs and temptations of consumers. As a result, our societies are actively attracted to new goods and services that are more beautifully served, thereby creating massive consumption of natural resources and enormous quantities of waste. Consumerist society in recent decades has consistently neglected the culture of craft production, and the centers of our cities have been replaced by a flat economy of bars, shops and hostels – the only values we face today are production for consumption, and consumption, for the sake of consumption.

In this regard, in the first week of September 2019 we gathered over 15 young people of different ages and disciplines in the Design Marathon 01 – Trash or Treasure?, interested in environmental and Design, with a question in mind : How can we contribute to a healthy common future? Today, in addition to scientific and technological skills, we strongly believe that creativity and co-creation are vital to fostering innovation and redefining values for society. The Dyvolab Platform through the Design Marathon 01 connected community professionals with local youth to generate research and innovation for a society aware of the consequences and ready to take action towards the revision of shared human and environmental values.



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