As we face systematic environmental degradation, we are challenged to rethink how to deal with this messy problem. In this regard, we are applying our knowledge as designers in reusing plastic waste, to transform it into new products. 

DYVÓ collective was founded in 2016 by environmental activists and design enthusiasts.

We create with local designers and crafters, with the principles of #upcycling #waste to keep materials in use and #regenerate #natural systems.

DYVÓ stands for environment protection, design innovation, community development and circular processes.


We explore design through a multidisciplinary dimension, because we believe that things should be observed from different points of view. We acknowledge co-creation as vital to innovation and change of values through time. Our collective is actively raising awareness and researching plastic waste to bring about new products, with special attention for acrylic plastic waste.

Why upcycle Acrylic Plastic?
Acrylic plastic is a material that can be an alternative to glass, however unlike glass it is shatter proof. It classifies as #7 in plastic category. This type of plastic is one of the many widely used materials and it takes ages to disintegrate. Nowadays it's even impossible to recycle due to the inefficency of the process. Today there are large amounts of material leftovers, these residues, if not taken care of will continue to pollute Nature indefinitely. 
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We bring together young environmental activists and designers through organizing Design Marathons. The Marathons are a series of lectures and hands-on workshops based on Design and Circular Economy. They inspire and encourage youngsters to work together and explore alternative solutions through innovative design processes.

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