#reducereuserecycle instead

animation by Kaltrina Berisha

#Hey maybe it's good for us to think of garbage differently, have you ever heard about problem solving?

Problem-solving ?!?

#hmm the term "problem-solving" has different meanings depending on the discipline where it is used. For example, it is a mental process in psychology, and a computerized process in computer science. There are two types of problems: ill defined and well defined.

Well-defined problems have specific final goals and clearly expect solutions, while ill-defined problems: No.

Problem-solving strategies are the steps one takes to find the problems one has on the way to achieving one's goal. Some refer to this as the "problem solving cycle". The reason it is called a cycle is that once it ends with one problem, another usually appears. #upsss

The question of how we approach the waste eradication problem evolves to: How do we see waste, as TRASH or as TREASURE?

Methodological processes of recycling and reuse, are those that identify the problem as a factor of benefit.

We have generated already immense amounts of plastic in the last 50 years that we literally have no need to create anew. It will be enough to re-use what we already produced to create new products.

What are the benefits?

If we put plastic in re-use(recycle), some of the benefits would be that we have less energy consumption, saved natural resources and reduced gas emissions in the atmosphere and no plastic waste around.

Above all, these methodologies (reuse, recycling) contribute to the amortization of the unfavorable and evil situation that we have caused by damaging Earth. The current linear economy stands on “take-make-waste” habit, so it is a linear action that regards natural resources as if they were inexhaustible.

But natural resources are not inexhaustible, you say, and I completely agree with you.

Therefore, knowing this fact, people have started thinking about Circular Economy .. #circular

Please don't #takemakewaste, #reducereuserecycle instead