Good question: Why don't we eliminate waste by throwing it in the volcanoes?
#hahaha, our experts thought too, but it didn't work!!!

•First to do that we need to find an active Volcano. There are about 1,500 active volcanoes in the world, but they are far away and the cost of transporting the waste and the pollution caused by transport is very high ... it's not worth it!

Hmm, someone is insisting on trying again. Let's assume that point 1 is not valid.

• Then we need to find the so-called Hawaiian volcano - quite type.
These beasts are characterized by slow burning and low speed lava.
However, we usually encounter Vesuvius type volcanoes - aggressive - exploding vigorously and releasing lava at high speed. #Pompei

#Oh someone is still insisting on continuing .. Ok!

• Assume that costs are low and we found quiet volcanoes everywhere.
 We put the trash on top and we are ready to throw it! #cough #cough #cough
Not at all pleasant environment to be near the crater, poisonous gases, small explosions and spray of lava are being released. If this had been possible, anyone who had to do the job of dumping garbage in the Volcano: would have HATED this job and would have been constantly in life danger!!! #alarm

Yes, but since we have already come to this point, let's try to throw the trash anyway! #KABOOM

1) Since the temperature of the waste in normal conditions is thousands of times lower than that of lava, the first contact between these two extremes would have created great turmoil and bursts of strong volcanic eruptions.
2) As Newton put it, "everything transforms, nothing is lost." - therefor most of the waste would have transformed into poisonous gasses causing massive air pollution.
3) Not all the materials we classify as waste manage to be melted from the high temperatures of the lava. #imagine
Therefore, the remaining waste could still be transported from the lava and pollute the surrounding areas. #pollutionanyways
4) Nuclear and medical waste cannot be destroyed by volcanoes. The high temperatures of lava are still not enough to sterilize medical waste, so if we dump them - not only would we face constant pollution but also contamination and various diseases !!!

No good idea, all convinced! So what are we doing now?!?

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